Complex Product Development Model

Who is the Project Leader?

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There are many definitions of what a good project leader is like? Everything from a father or mother to a group of people to a person trying to escape work in a group by accepting the project leader role.

It should be said that there is not only a single way to lead a project. Of course, some of these ways are miserable, but even successful leadership can be done in different ways.

Big enterprises open a career path for people who want to climb the organization ladder. However, this does not always result in the best leader being selected. A good contact network within the organization can use this instead of their competency.

There is also a significant cultural influence on how a project leader should be in a big company. I have seen leaders acting like politicians that see their role as to be elected by their subordinates. To win, a politician must promise benefits for them, provided he gets elected. How this ends, you can imagine yourself!

Coming from a historically poor area in Sweden, where inhabitants had to trust their own forces, I grew up the entrepreneur way. Sometimes entrepreneurs are seen as inpatient, confused, and unorganized. However, a good entrepreneur realizes that these can be good characteristics and must be balanced to be efficient. Thus these project leaders also support specifying and planning, and not least, verifying by tests and follow-ups.

So in my view, the right person in the picture gets my support.

Additionally, to be a good planner, if you are a development project leader, you must also have good insights into the development process, Cpdm, the complex product development model. Learning from this model makes it easy to lead the development and understand such difficult questions, like staffing with needed competency.

II promise you, there is much more in Cpdm that supports a leader than can be explained in this short blog.

Study Cpdm and good luck!

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