Navigation is one of the most useful activities when interacting with the surrounding. For example, GPS satellites have revolutionized how you drive and find your destination. Dictionaries and grammar have, […]

An Entrepreneurial Engineer’s Holiday

My wife was driving our motorhome, and I was the codriver. Stop, stop, I shouted to her, but it was brutal traffic and too late to suddenly stop. Finally, after […]

Constant Internet Connection

I am currently traveling around on vacation in Europe in our motorhome (a small lorry with a small house). However, I have a lot of obligations in my business network, […]

The Gearbox

What can be the connection between a loudspeaker and a boat engine with an under-dimensioned propeller? I have always been very interested in audio equipment, especially loudspeakers. Not only to […]

Work With Your Suppliers

Engineering and product development is very complex, especially when digging into details. There is always a limitation on how many fields you can be educated to cover. Sooner or later, […]

Measurement of Today

When I was young, in the early 70s, I stumbled into the audio field. We were a gang of technical youngsters who arranged parties for our buddies. And this happened […]

To Be An Engineer

If you are an engineer, you like strolling around for hours in stores selling technology. The other day, I found very convenient heat retainers to keep the food warm at […]

Who is the Project Leader?

There are many definitions of what a good project leader is like? Everything from a father or mother to a group of people to a person trying to escape work […]