Complex Product Development Model is a procedural model to keep you out of the swamp of details. It’s your roadmap to success. It’s your toolkit for success. Complex Product Development Model’s planning principles can cut your disasters by half and double your success rate!

Holistic model composed of detailed explanations for developing products containing a mix of mechanics, electronics, and programs

Increased complexity

Digging deeper into the development topic in order to find the root cause of why products fail to satisfy end users, reveals the most common reason to be an exploding number of technical possibilities, which in turn causes competency and growth problems when organizing development of such products, which in turn causes that this increased complexity of the product is not being enough understood and thereby has not product development process been enough managed.

Managed complexity

There might be airplane crashes and medicines with severe side effects, but to travel by air or follow a doctor’s prescription is generally very safe. In these cases, the high complexity of developing aircraft or medicine is undoubtedly handled with success. Obviously, in these fields, the mastering of complexity has worked out very well, even if not totally free from disasters. One can object that a lot of money is behind the mastery of that complexity, but nevertheless, this complexity is, in fact, handled with success.

Unmanaged complexity

What can clearly be seen is that product development might often be very messy, and many of you are in the middle of this mess. If so, you have to back out of the mess, and get a chance to recover. I have been in the same mess, and have also seen a lot of development failures. Don’t copy them all; let me instead help you out, and save your time from a further mess. Start learning Cpdm and persuade your surroundings to use it. It is as simple as that!