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On this page, new video clips will be added as they are availble

Latest news: Cpdm video clips

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Video clip 7 - Behavior Requirements

This is the second video clip about requirements, and in particular behavior requirements. An example of capturing requirements for a home alarm is presented. Starting to capture environment restriction, then refining them to black-box restrictions, and then elaborate the behavior of the home alarm. Use units are identified, and connected to normal use cases, more normal use cases are added to a scenario, which is supplemented with exeption cases.

Video clip 6 - Cpdm Requirements

This is the first video clip about requirements. Here the basic types of requirements are introduced, and how these relate to black-boxes. An example is presented, how to capture and refine requirements for a foot controlled guitar box. More video clips will come, to dig deeper into requirements.

Video clip 5 - Cpdm V-model

My 5th video clip covers how Cpdm successfully tailor a product development model by creating a V-model by rearranging its building blocks. This model adapts both to the specific product and to preferred methodology, for example Scrum to support software increments.

Video clip 4 - Scalability

This video clip shows the need for scaling the development process, according to complexity and size of the product to be developed. The clip explains the Cpdm scaling principles, by using some real examples, and shows how elegant the scaling of Cpdm can be performed.. It is now available, see the left menu.

Video clip 3 - Waterfall

This video clip explains and discusses how to use the waterfall model in a successful way. It is a part of Cpdm, the product complex development. It is now available, see the left menu.

Video clip 2 - Overview

This is my second video in a series of clips explaining Cpdm, the Complex product development model. The major ingredients in Cpdm are described, from the outermost product life-cycle down to technical development, with its three parts - development preparation, technical development and pre-manufacturing.. It is now available, see the left menu.

Video clip 1 - Introduction

This is my first video in a series of clips explaining Cpdm, the Complex product development model. The scope of Cpdm is described, together with the many advantages of the model. It is now available, see the left menu.

The video clips

To promote my Complex product development model I will prepare a series of video clips

The Cpdm model is already explained in the 800 hundred page Cpdm book, but this has the phenomena that the large amount of trees hide the forest. Video clips have a much more comprehensive format, and it gets easier to explain the model in a step-wise and convenient way.

The video clips will be offered you in the pace I have the time to produce them. The links in the left menu indicates the clips I have planned to prepare so far. When these links are ready, they takes you to a separate web page to support each video clip. Chose a clip from the menu and I will gradually guide you into Cpdm.

The paperback book

To have the best use of the video clips, buy the Cpdm book, for example from Amazon, see their site.

The ebook

The Cpdm book is also available as EBook, also on Amazon, again see their site.

About me

My name is Christer Sandahl, and I live in a mid size town in southern Sweden, called Lund.
I have spent my carrier on product development in many companies, small as well as international. I have been dealing with everything from mechanics and electronics, to program development.
I have been frustrated to see mistakes done over and over again. I have tried hard to discuss and persuade colleagues to work in a more efficient way, but have never had the tools prepared for use.
Cpdm is finally available describing my experience once and for all. Please use it, to change the development industry for ever.